Among the features that you need in a server processor for home use, fast storage is at the top of the list. You can find AMD FirePro W2600 or Intel Core i7 in different price ranges, but remember that the AMD FirePro W2600 is the fastest processor for home use. You may also want to consider the price as it is the most expensive one. However, AMD Ryzen 7 is a better choice if you plan to use the server for video editing and other demanding tasks.
The type of CPU you choose will also determine the size of your server’s memory and CPU. If you’re just going to store and encode videos, a CPU with a single core is probably enough. A CPU with many cores would be more powerful, but it would still be limited in terms of storage. A server with a single core would be slower than a dual-core system with several cores.
The most affordable server processor for home use is an AMD Ryzen 3200G or an Intel Ryzen 3300X. The former has slightly better multithreaded performance, while the latter would require an external graphics card. The latter is the best option if you want to do advanced virtualization with your server. You should also pay close attention to the price, because a high-end CPU can be over $300. It will also have a good support for hardware and software for advanced virtualization. You can get more information about VPS.
The CPU is the most important part of a server and will determine the amount of performance it can deliver. A CPU with 12 cores/24 threads is equivalent to running a full-featured video game server, and will have enough storage to store several dozen videos or music. A good motherboard will give you the maximum performance you need from your server. Gigabit, ABIT, and MSI are some of the companies that make good motherboards for home servers.
Another important feature to consider when choosing a server for home use is the processor’s clock speed. Obviously, the higher the number, the faster the unit will be. The faster the clock speed, the more power your server will be able to handle. A high-end CPU should have good cooling and power options. If you plan to use the computer for multitasking, a Ryzen 3600 or an Intel Core i7-9700K should do the trick.
You don’t need a high-end server processor for home use. A budget-friendly CPU with on-board VGA and plenty of ATA connectors is fine. The AMD Ryzen 5 is a good option for a home server, but it doesn’t have an integrated graphics card. The CPU must be supported by a dedicated graphics card. The other main feature is a high-quality cooling system. You don’t need to have a dedicated graphic card, since the computer should be primarily used to serve data.

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